To Toss or Not to Toss ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #19

It’s Saturday and I have the whole day to myself.  After much internal debate (angel vs devil), I decided to spend quality time clearing out as much ‘stuff’  as I can in all rooms and layers of my life.  I don’t mind doing this and actually enjoy the process of removing all that no longer is purposeful to my life.  However, this time is different – very different – because I am clearing even those items that I am emotionally attached to but must let go.  It’s time to make the break.  My conundrum (been wanting to use that word for a while) is that I have an extremely poor long-term memory for details.  I have to rely on family and friends, photos and mementos to remind me of all the varied good times that I’ve had.  These saved trinkets crystallize those happy times in a small way. So now that it’s time to part with stuff taking up too much space (emotional and literal) – I am questioning what deserves to stay for purely sentimental reasons.  If I toss these, I no longer have the memory.   My memory problem is so severe though that I forget I saved this stuff in order to remember!  It is purely by happen-chance that I come upon them and smile or at cleaning times like this.  My gut feeling at the present time is to brutally remove all but those treasures that still carry the energy of love with them.  Below are some items to discard and some to save.


Protest for Peace buttons.
Protest for Peace buttons.







Yellow Submarine button
Yellow Submarine button







Pencil holder made for Dad.
Pencil holder made for Dad.








Cork from an earthen jar given by my 1st love - his only gift  to me
Cork from an earthen jar given by my 1st love – his only gift to me









conundrum ~ easier to say than do


ag ~ January 2013




5 thoughts on “To Toss or Not to Toss ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #19

  1. I love your criteria – “remove all but those treasures that still carry the energy of love with them.” Gave me goosebumps. I also like the idea of not being attached to the past – to the memory of things – but to be in the moment with the way life is unfolding…

    PS – thanks for putting up with my craziness 🙂 The older I get the less inhibited I am… With gratitude for your Dear Heart…

    1. Christine – I always thought it better to be labeled ‘crazy’ by everyone else. Never wanted to be lumped in with the so-called ‘norm’. I totally relate to your sensitivity and love your honesty and courage. Just starting to read a book on becoming a ‘skilled empath’ so that I can harness the flow of being truly sensitive to all energy around me. I’m just beginning to realize my potential and want to have fun with it as I get older!

  2. I would have trouble parting with the pencil holder made for Dad. I’ve saved everything from my own Dad because I need the memories of when he was alive, especially his letters.

    Also that’s interesting to part with treasures that still carry the energy of love. My critieria for removal of things from my life is to get rid of things which carry negative energy; guess that means I don’t get rid of much, but love with negative energy gets kicked to curb 🙂

  3. Ladies, I will keep the pencil holder, cork and many many letters from the early seventies onward. All still hold the love. It’s fun stuff like these buttons that hold a ton of memories on which I need to decide. However, the real issue is that I need to make room for new love and energy. I believe it’s time to gently let go. I have gone through such major changes this year and have had to let go of so much more that I held dear. At the same time, new friendships and creative pursuits are really blossoming. There is a season… love your comments and sharing – it really helps. Andrea 🙂

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