Quiet Language ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #21

Early morning ~ mid 20’s I was walking the dog round our usual course through the nursery fields and wooded areas. The sun was pale and the air was still after yesterday’s hard blow. All in all, it felt good to be walking along. For the first time since the hurricane in October, I heard garden voices ~ the quiet conversation of songbirds in winter. They were foraging for food and there were some territorial issues, a small chase in flight but otherwise flocking together. I had noticed a decline in the bird population so I was very happy to see cardinals, chickadees, titmice, and sparrows. Yesterday a hawk flew close by. The nursery – fields and woods (20 acres) is my home – literal and emotional. It is the place I go to weep, give thanks, seek solace, share joy, beg for guidance and absorb the wonder of all wildlife including trees, animals, insects, minerals, sky and soil. Here is where I come to listen to the quiet language of the Earth, and I am always welcome. I am happy to see my friends – the winged ones flit, fly, chitter and converse once again.

as the land holds stories unfold in garden voices


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