Frost Forest ~ Mindful Writing Challege #23




















I have been taking photos of the landscape lately in order to paint scenes in acrylics and pastels.  The study of light and shadow, color and value is what makes a painted piece appealing whether or not it is realistic, impressionistic or abstract.  I tend toward impressionism and abstraction, but have humbly learned that I need to “learn the rules in order to break the rules” in order to paint an abstract naturescape with fullness and beauty.  Therefore, any chance I get to take photo studies helps me toward this goal.  When I awoke this morning and saw these frost scenes etched on my window – I was amazed once again at nature’s creative hand.  These etchings depict real forest woodlands in friezes on my window.  Nature took and developed the photos for me and placed them where I would not miss seeing them!  Who could ask for more?  Spirit is gently egging me on and lending opportunities to notice, observe more closely and  enjoy her beauty in all forms.  I love these and will share my depiction of them, hopefully in the near future.




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