Winter blues ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #22

Just as the Eskimos have multiple names for snow – I believe that we in the colder areas of the US and Canada should have more than one name for winter. There is the deep of winter, the heart of winter, mild winter, sucky winter, winter blues, winter beauty etc. I love winter because it is a time for introspection, and the winter sky is as blue and clear as any I’ve ever seen. I much prefer the cold to the high heat and humidity of our east coast summers. However, there are days in winter when I seem to get sucked into a hopeless dirty-snow gray. Today was one of those days even without the graying snow. It was a moody gray that no amount of soup could dispel. Only the pines could soften my view.

another goodbye on the horizon coyotes howl

ag ~ 2013

2 thoughts on “Winter blues ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #22

  1. I know the feeling. I love winter too, for the same reason. Here we have dry, brown winters, for the most part, with a veneer of snow that sometimes covers the ground. We are in an “severe” drought. And today we were near 70 degrees. I find the arid weather gives me the same feeling as the dirty-snow gray – “sucky winter” 🙂 My grandparents used to rent a place up on Moosehead Lake in Maine in the Summer, when I was in my teens, which means they were probably my age – you know “old.” :). I think they tried to stay one winter, but it was just too cold and rugged for them. They then moved to southern California… Now that’s a yukky winter… 🙂

    May your blues turn to gold…

    1. Thank you for this Christine. Love “May your blues turn to gold” 🙂 Yes – they are!!! Your posts go a long way in helping me understand this. Nice to recognize fellow travelling companions on the journey through this rugged terrain. I am grateful for and to all. Andrea

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