Quiet Thoughts ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #26

A dusting of snow as light as powdered sugar sprinkled on a bundt cake was the setting this morning. Early Saturday in winter is slower paced. There was no road noise, and the snow coating was perfectly timed for the fresh tracks of critters on their way to work. No day off for the animals. It was fun to see the circles that the fox travelled and the exact spot where he/she scoured for field mice. Apparently my car hood was warm enough to entice a cat’s curiosity, but not to stay or snuggle. It amazes me the amount of nocturnal and early morning wildlife that lives, hunts and plays nearby. It’s only when we have such a light snow that I recognize the extent of the comings and goings of my furry friends.

This haiku was first published in Modern Haiku a few years ago:

just enough snow
to track the cat –
quiet thoughts


5 thoughts on “Quiet Thoughts ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #26

    1. Thank you Cynthia. Are you getting my comments on your posts? I am on an iPad and sometimes it has a mind of its own – not sure they go through? I have been enjoying your writings as well. Andrea

      1. I got one recently from you, so I think all is well. I have been remiss lately with checking and replying.to comments…so sorry about that. Lucky you, to be able compose your poetry and writings on an iPad. I would love to be more mobile like that instead of stuck behind a pc. I tried used eblogger on my Droid, but the results of formatting in my posts are unpredictable and I end up having to re-do them :/

          1. Actually Cynthia, the iPad is not very good for blogging. Need too many apps that don’t end up working. Cannot scroll and it’s very time consuming to write even simple stuff. I have to triple check for typos and then some. Would not recommend it. Looking into getting a portable Mac (refurbished). I guess no system is close to perfect or maybe it’s just us! lol

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