Angry Grace ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #31

Angry Grace

How can that be your name?
Isn’t that an oxymoron?
Angry Grace hears that a lot.
It’s the one thing that does not make her angry

Angry Grace took a lifetime
to recognize her own value.
She was so afraid of her power
that she willingly sacrificed herself 
to Depression and got ulcers.

Depression used Anger
without Grace to bully her.
Anger without Grace 
turned in on herself
and buried her self-worth.

She lost the ability to see clearly
and unemotionally her role as a friend.
It took Pain, another buddy with an identity problem
to acknowledge that even though
Angry Grace is not pretty or popular
she partners with Truth.

And everyone claims to love Truth.
Angry Grace covers for Truth.
Truth is able to show his vulnerable side
through her.
Truth is simple and modest
Angry Grace is not.

She comes in flashes.
She comes in cycles.
She comes through wounds.
She comes through love.
She is hot and cold at the same time.
It’s no wonder that Angry Grace is a hard beauty
to appreciate.

ag ~ 2013

2 thoughts on “Angry Grace ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #31

  1. I am familiar with Angry Grace too. She is a fierce companion, but as you know, holds such wisdom if we will open to her truth, her message. For me she hides a deep wound of the heart, a deep pain, a deep fracture, and will not be assuaged until I open to her and look deeply into the wound… As you said: “she partners with Truth…” I’m still dancing! 🙂

    1. Hopefully at this stage I can accept Angry Grace anytime she shows up. Christine, when I wrote this last night – it poured out very quickly. I abbreviated to AG in order to keep up with my flow, and when I realized that these were my own initials – I broke down and cried. It is a gift. I’m just so glad to come to terms with anger in an unemotional, unabrasive manner. It is healing. Don’t worry it – it comes on you when the time is right. AG 🙂

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