For Now ~ NaHaiWriMo #20

Still sorting through old journals and letters. Going way back to the early seventies. I am now just beginning to grasp the concept of ancient history. It is taking quite a bit more concentration and energy than I allotted, so I am feeling a bit frustrated and defeated, because there is no simple filing system for life-notes. There is no clear-cut process of ease and grace to organizing what you once held dear. Also, what to do with the ongoing compilation of poetry and journaling? Should I save print copies (of this blog) to refer to at a later date, especially since my long-term memory is non-existent or do I “let it all go” in order to stay fresh and free to create anew without worrying where any of this will end up? I really don’t know what to do, so for now I am saving those bits an pieces of the younger me to do this all over again come when.

your smile
so bright
stillness now

ag ~ 2013

Aubergine ~ NaHaiWriMo #19

Today, I am painstakingly reviewing old journals and writings in order to discard and organize. It takes a great effort to determine what stays and what goes and if it stays, where does it go to stay awhile. In order to work with a few boxes of writings, several other shelves have to be rearranged and more discards so that the original stuff I was working on finds a good home. It’s all so tangled – this hidden web we weave. At the same time I am trying to wash clothes before the temperature drops below freezing and packing away useful garments for recycle. How did I ever gather so much stuff? And I am not a rat-packer. I love to toss stuff away.

It is time to simplify. If I am to buy another book – I must give away one first. No more collecting “beautiful things” unless I am going to be inspired by or use them to create. It’s a new way of thinking and behaving. As with anything there will be homework and practice and some stumbles before I can execute without thinking. Wish me luck!

the length of a shadow’s

ag ~ 2013

Thaw ~ NaHaiWriMo #18

Mid-winter thaw between storm fronts. One early bird serenades with a song indicative of many soon to come. They are returning – the song birds to scout sites for nest-building. Although there is constant change – there is the consistency of the natural world cycling through the seasons. I grew up where there is a distinct change of seasons and cannot ever outgrow the wonder that spring births after winter’s dormancy. I would be unhappy eliminating any one season for the totality of another. However, neither would I mind living in Camelot where winter exits on the dot. March 1st would be the proverbial dot in this case. Until then, I am enjoying the fickle weather patterns and dreaming of the greening of spring.

Pisces comes calling the mellow cat stretch head to toe

ag ~ 2013

Black vs Blank ~ NaHaiWriMo # 17

Black is the color chosen for yesterday’s prompt. It is supposedly the absence of color. Very appropriate in that I am drawing a blank for yesterday’s haiku challenge. I have also been thinking of Black-Holes in space and their relationship to everything else. At first I saw them as vortexes of (bullying) energy sucking stars and galaxies of stars into Nothingness. Horror of all horrors!!! But who really knows what this is. I am inclined to believe instead that it is simply another act of balance by Nature / The Universe. Why does it have to be good or bad? Can it just be filling and emptying? Yin and yang? Neutral?

I drew a blank for yesterday’s NaHaiWriMo haiku challenge – prompt or not. I came up blank for black. Not so bad really. Just empty. That part of space that is black but not really blank. Empty but not void.

a void
or avoidance

ag ~ 2013

Valentine Haiku ~ NaHaiWriMo #14

Valentines Day alone
happy not to share
the peanut butter cookies

Valentines Day
lost in traffic – the car
that looks like yours

chocolate kisses
saved for a night like this –

Valentines Day
its pull on my heart lost
to the full moon

Valentines Day
all the darker shades
of red

ag ~ 2013