Afterglow ~ NaHaiWriMo #3

Yesterday, a highly creative friend of mine, who is learning to play guitar, write songs and finding her voice, both literally and figuratively, gave her first performance yesterday at an art gallery in a nearby town that is fast becoming known for its support of artists and the arts. While writing songs and music, my friend was introduced to the abstract paintings of the artist Brenda Edwards exhibited at s.h.e gallery – a contemporary art gallery that donates ten percent of all sales to organizations that promote human equality. As it worked out, at the opening reception for Brenda’s solo show illuminata, Vicky and her band Parts Of A Whole launched her new cd Rising. The cover art for the cd was by Brenda Edwards. It was an exciting and fun event for all who attended and a time to happily cheer on Vicky who tirelessly works to support the local community of musicians, artists, poets, healers, and creatives who all have other day jobs. It was our turn to show our appreciation and to be inspired by her soulful new music and lyrics. It was also an opportunity to visit this wonderful gallery and absorb the colorful energy of Brenda’s work.

I was happy to watch this whole process unfold from the beginning and to yet again be inspired by a friend who had a vision and brought it
to fruition despite many setbacks. She showed guts, grace and gratitude. Yea Vicky!!!

At the end of the performance, Nature added her own touch of color.

snow on the road after dinner glow

ag ~ 2013


2 thoughts on “Afterglow ~ NaHaiWriMo #3

  1. The three “g’s” you mention – “guts, grace and gratitude” – really say something about the strength of your friend’s character. You went from warmth into cold – quite a change of scene.

    1. Hadn’t thought about that Barb, however like you, I enjoy snow and here it was warming to my soul. I had been missing snow and it’s nice when it’s so light and fluffy. Dislike the sleet and ice – that’s truly cold!

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