Abandoned ~NaHaiWriMo #9

Feeling wabi sabi and trying to just sit with it. My eternally questioning and fast forward mind is trying to do more – take control, ask a thousand questions, deliver more reasons why… It just is. It is Saturday night and the day seems long. Lots of shoveling and lots of missing the “good ole days” of escaping to Tortola, BVI, sun, sea, carefree presence, sailing to windward, communing with tortoises and coral – you get the idea. From 1976 to 2004, I spent many a lovely holiday in the Caribbean following my gut and whatever calls to me. Now in mid-February, the azure sea and sky still beckon to the wilderness in my heart. However, I am here in NJ shovelling snow. I love snow, but I love it even more after a sojourn apart. Absence makes the heart… Anyway, I digress. Today’s haiku is firmly planted on home turf:

abandoned tire swing
sweeps its own
circle of snow

ag ~ 2013

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