Blizzard ’13 ~ NaHaiWriMo #8

Blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts all make for a very dramatic appearance and of late – more frequent visits. I do liken the big storms to Gaia’s (Earth’s) emotional outbursts, and somehow I can relate to a big blow, tearful downpour, vortex of passion and intense withdrawal (drought). Storms stir up a lot of energy period.

As usual with any impending storm, I think of food – cooking and savoring. It grounds and protects me from fear, and the preparation is just as critical if not more important than the consuming. Sharing is also vital, and all of it I guess – offers me a degree of control. Writing haiku also helps ground and connect me to the elements. So without any further ado – several new haiku and an oldie-but-goodie for a blustery day:

puddles of gray between
clouds of white

clearing off the car
in a blizzard

blizzard forecast:
three pairs of mittens
to scrape snow off the walk

all the shades
of gray

swirling snow
yesterday’s soup
tastes richer

blizzard and yet
the sweetness
of strawberries

before the storm
empty snack shelves*

*1st published in Modern Haiku

ag ~ 2013

3 thoughts on “Blizzard ’13 ~ NaHaiWriMo #8

  1. Yes, we need the snow here badly in Colorado! 🙂 They are predicting a pretty big storm for the Mountains tomorrow night into Sunday, but only a few inches here near Denver… My brother lives in New England so I imagine they will be hunkered down for a while… Stay safe! Hope your power doesn’t got out…

  2. Colorado is in drought mode. This is the toughest and scariest of all of nature’s stormy emotional weather although some would tend to disagree. I know how important the snow is for the year’s water supply. So far so good here in northwest NJ. Snowfall and the excitement of a blizzard without any damage. Just a lot of shoveling and homemade soup! We’ll see after the sun comes up. Sending snow blessings your way. Andrea

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