Black vs Blank ~ NaHaiWriMo # 17

Black is the color chosen for yesterday’s prompt. It is supposedly the absence of color. Very appropriate in that I am drawing a blank for yesterday’s haiku challenge. I have also been thinking of Black-Holes in space and their relationship to everything else. At first I saw them as vortexes of (bullying) energy sucking stars and galaxies of stars into Nothingness. Horror of all horrors!!! But who really knows what this is. I am inclined to believe instead that it is simply another act of balance by Nature / The Universe. Why does it have to be good or bad? Can it just be filling and emptying? Yin and yang? Neutral?

I drew a blank for yesterday’s NaHaiWriMo haiku challenge – prompt or not. I came up blank for black. Not so bad really. Just empty. That part of space that is black but not really blank. Empty but not void.

a void
or avoidance

ag ~ 2013

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