For Now ~ NaHaiWriMo #20

Still sorting through old journals and letters. Going way back to the early seventies. I am now just beginning to grasp the concept of ancient history. It is taking quite a bit more concentration and energy than I allotted, so I am feeling a bit frustrated and defeated, because there is no simple filing system for life-notes. There is no clear-cut process of ease and grace to organizing what you once held dear. Also, what to do with the ongoing compilation of poetry and journaling? Should I save print copies (of this blog) to refer to at a later date, especially since my long-term memory is non-existent or do I “let it all go” in order to stay fresh and free to create anew without worrying where any of this will end up? I really don’t know what to do, so for now I am saving those bits an pieces of the younger me to do this all over again come when.

your smile
so bright
stillness now

ag ~ 2013

2 thoughts on “For Now ~ NaHaiWriMo #20

  1. Yes, there is no easy way to compartmentalize the past – no “simple filing system for life…” (love that phrase btw). Sometimes the “letting go” is the easiest way to “file” something away… Am referring to the emotional triggers from the past, not our creative work! I have had to “re-file” old letters, and the old stories, in the “circular file” 🙂 to make room for a clearer expression of life and creativity as well… Hang in there!

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