Due North

It’s the first evening of extra daylight and the cacophony of gaggles of Canadian Geese returning to their summer grounds north of here.  It always delights and amazes me to see (and sometimes only hear), these migrating birds on the wing and always flying true north or south.  Spring is in the air when the  birds of many tribes return and fill the sky with their conversations and songs.  Soon to follow – buds, bulbs and blossoms.


crocus energy

the tilt toward

new light

ag ~ March 2013


4 thoughts on “Due North

  1. We get a lot of Canadian Geese here for the winter, as well as the ones that are here all year round. Twice now I have seen them flying due North over the house. I love the geese, and their homing calls… And I love the last two lines of your haiku, and the imagery of – tilting toward new light. 🙂

    1. Thanks Christine 🙂 I always hear them first, and even though I’ve been aware of their flights most of my life, it never ceases to amaze me. There were so many overhead at twilight on the first day of daylight savings time that I was de-lighted yet again. We also have some of them overwinter here. These were migrating from further south high in the sky.

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