Twas a great day for a woodsy hike along a stream in Jockey Hollow National Park.  George Washington and his troops camped here that frigid winter of the crossing of the Delaware to reverse the tide in favor of our fledgling nation.  On these days, remnants of that bygone era remain admist flora and fauna of a birthing spring.  I had to look hard for the emerging shoots (red and green) of skunk cabbage.  Water Striders were creating ripples on still water and delicate shoots of moss created mini-forests.  It was in the mid-fifties for the third day in a row and I could feel the sap rising in the trees and me.















































along the path

stones remember

for us


ag ~ March 2013







4 thoughts on “Mosaics

  1. “stones remember for us” – beautiful. yes… Love the photo essay too. What is photo #5? Is it a vine of some kind? We will be in the 70’s this weekend!

  2. Photo #5 are insect tunnels on the trunk of a tree stripped of its bark. I love the mosaic/ pattern and will use it to abstract a painting sometime. I took a sweet walk along a rambling, gurgling stream, and once I sat down I began to see more. So peaceful. I gave myself permission to wander and it was a joy!

  3. I can so relate to your writing here, though I walk in a quite a different landscape. Wherever we are outdoors, we’re presented so many opportunities to gaze, learn, live and remember our roots.

    I love the squiggly designs of the water striders on the still water’s surface. And I can “feel the sap rising in the trees and me” through your words, so lovely. Thank you for this peaceful stroll in your part of the woods.

    1. Thanks Cynthia. Working with plants and trees all these years (40), I must say that our cycles are synchronized! Glad that you can take these walks with me. I too love to stroll with you on your trails!

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