My Wings


It is with great pleasure
that I announce 
my acceptance
of my wings.

With my wings
comes the committment
to treat myself
with the same kindness
and compassion 
that I treat others.

That I forgive myself
for making mistakes
rather called faux pas
(so much sexier in French)
and to acknowledge 
and treat
my faults and foibles
with all due respect
and patience.

I understand that
with this committment 
comes lifetime membership
into Tinker Belldom
including an unlimited 
sprinkling of 
tinklepink dust
and firefly glitter
to share and savor.

I pledge to always 
and forever 
nurture and kindle 
the lightness of being
that is me 
lest I forget 
in which case 
I get to reread
this announcement
as often as I want.

It is with sacred trust
an open mind
a joyous smile 
and wondrous heart
I do finally and most willingly
accept my destiny
to never grow up
or old in spirit 
or life.

So help me
fellow fools
and winged ones.

May 15, 2013
Echo Farm

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