Summer Showing Her Petticoat


“Summer showing her petticoat”
that’s how you described
your birthday month
beloved season of drifting sails
beach wanderings and stormy skies.

How I miss our sharing
the hues of a summer garden
and the fragrance of long nights
along sleepy coastal towns 
with the breath of shells.

I find it hard to believe
that you are no longer
a phone call or a letter away
but floating somewhere in the ether.

I wonder… because we made a pact
to stay connected 
and to start a new dialogue
despite this radical change of life –
is this you sending me so many hearts?

In the sand shaped by waves,
amongst stones piled high,
on the bathroom floor in a piece of tissue,
leaves that fall to the ground –
all the while I am thinking of you?

If so
I am grateful
for these sweet reminders
of a love still living in my heart
so strong and true.

for Robin ~ Happy Birthday Month
ag ~ almost July 2013


wind and wildflowers

not for long
all the doubts
that spindle
on the legs of
a newborn fawn

not for long
rising in the compost
of a late autumn

not for long
the egret’s flight legs
tucked in
to compress its center
of gravity

not for long
the orb-weaver’s 
perfect web
bending the morning light
into beads of dew

not for long
an evening that begins
with the brilliance
of one star
long gone

not for long
the dance
of heat lightning
on the meadow’s
queen anne’s lace

not for long 
the darkness  
between the kindle
of a firefly’s 

not for long
the lost stories 
of the wind
and wildflowers
in my heart

ag ~ June 2013