Blue Chicory and Queen Anne’s Lace

Aware are we now
where we are now 
and nothing more.
Our youthful dreams and desires bend toward
the graceful acceptance of simpler joys:

Tigerlilies calling forth thunderheads.
Blue chicory and queen anne’s lace 
that run along abandoned railroad tracks.
Meadows of ripening summer grass
anchored by a heaving stone wall.
Rockface punctuated with Prickly Pear
beside a muddy river minding its own.
Dogs lapping at the edge of a pond 
and joyfully rolling in fresh-cut hay.
Clouds holding their own conversations 
in a cornflower-blue sky.
Finger-sniffing rubs of tomato and basil
in a walled and weeded garden 
next to plants creeping back into wilderness.
Still air heavy and languid 
slow-walking in the rain.
Slow-waking and rising
to Sunday morning quiet.
Breakfast on sweet-tart apple pie
with smelly gooey farm fresh cheese.
Blueberry tea in a china cup 
with no handle 
and a curvy aubergine pattern.

The long day gives way to dusk
as tree frogs bellow their lustiness
and the summer moon slips through
billowing clouds until only

without your light –
the hurry of life

ag ~ June 2013

for Karen 
with love and gratitude
for sharing the lush and simple beauty
of our beloved land and time together.

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