There are certain themes that most artists are drawn to and return to over and overThis group of African women are my repeated muse.  I have painted or drawn them about four times now, and undoubtedly will return to, as I grow and change in my progression as an artist.  Someday I would like to sculpt them not even aware of what materials I might use.  My brother took the original photo while working on a building project in Mozambique.



























The first painting is acrylic on canvas and includes part of a fourth woman’s face.  The next two are charcoal pencil and pastel on Wallis paper.  The fourth is an acrylic under-painting with pastel overlays.  The last one is the only painting titled, and I call it Primary Colors.   I am lately attracted to a more abstract impressionism as evidenced in this last painting.  My color palette is becoming more bold as I become more sure of myself.  Also, in order to abstract, I am practicing a more realistic approach first.  I have been told that “in order to break the rules – you must learn the rules first”.  Sigh – and I thought that I could skip this part!  Faces are still somewhat hazy on purpose.  Just a hint and the rest is up to our imagination!  Any favorites?







4 thoughts on “Progression

  1. I love the first one Andrea, and how you captured their faces and expressions. Each in their own way are beautifully unique. And each reflects something of yourself as well – as does all art. Sounds like you are having fun experimenting 🙂 Thank you for sharing them here… Christine

  2. Hi Christine, good to hear from you. Thanks for your kind support. I’ve tried to comment more than once on your blog but have been unable to do so. Even sent a long email that was erased (this before Mercury went retro) – very frustrating, so I laid off until the blockage clears. I am following your journey and sending light energy blessings. I am enjoying my painting “play time” and the results. A lot of what I am doing in my paintings is serendipitous! Will keep you posted. 🙂 Andrea

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the issue with leaving a comment, Andrea! Gosh, I hope other people aren’t having the same problem! Don’t know what I’d do about that… Oh well… And sorry I never received that email either! Strange goings-on 🙂

      1. Christine, I would not worry about others having the same problem. I’m on an early (only two years in real time) iPad, and I think that it is the problem. It’s all too crazy sometimes 🙂

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