Garden Grace











I love my late summer garden.  Especially at twilight when colors ripen, crickets vibrate at a high pitch and bees and ladybugs are still hard at work.  A hummingbird also finds early evening a fine time to sip nectar from the sage.  Work is mostly finished for the day and since it’s Friday – mostly for this week.  My eclectic garden is small yet packed with color and texture and I’m proud to say – in a highly populated deer and ground-hog habitat.  Thank the Goddess for all the sages, both annual and perennial.

But in order to really admire the abundant yet tiny blooms, I like to rub my nose and elbows with the honey-bees, moths, ladybugs, butterflies and even aphids.  Most tolerate my intrusion with very good humor – i.e. they ignore me.  So I am able to photograph close-up.












I cannot live without the blues, blue and more blue.
























As well as apricot, and pink, raspberry and tangerine …












Aubergine has a lovely dark spot in my heart and garden.












Check out the golden aphids (and the ladybug devouring them) on the stems of the orange-crimson annual:












And my statue “Garden Grace”  herself ~















wild rosehips

and mine

belong to

a summer garden



ag ~ August 2013



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