At the Farmer’s Market

At The Farmer’s Market

On most weekends
are women who farm
wearing a look of dusty denim 
and tired smiles.

You exchange pleasantries
with most everyone
as you bag and bundle 
the week’s harvest.

There is no time for makeup
and your hair is cropped short 
or haphazardly pulled back
without a second glance.

Dirt under your fingernails
accent strong fingers and hands
while on your feet 
only water and mud-proof shoes will do.

Tee shirts or faded flannel
with rolled-up sleeves
cannot hide your muscled arms 
or disguise an earthy beauty.

Musky scents that ripen
with the nurture of birth, 
growth, harvest, death and decay
mix into your sweat and laughter.

At the farmer’s market
are women who farm
and walk home after long days
wearing their fields in dusty denim.

With gratitude.

ag ~ 2013



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