Teach Your Hands Words

“Your Hands Need Words”

This from an artist-teacher that I am studying with.  Her name is Laurel Oswald Clark, and she is unafraid to tell it like it is regarding my growing body of work in paint and drawing.  Laurel also said “teach your hands to talk.” As a poet and a painter, this advice intrigued me to no end.  I have tried, since I put pen to paper and brush to canvas, to mix up my mediums.  My goal is to poet with paint and paint life’s poetry.  This may not be exactly what Laurel intended, however my thoughts flew in this direction.  Her message is that we need to teach our hands through practice – the language (words) to express our vision/intention.  What a great way to say it!

Language is an amazing concept, and I am learning that there are so many non-linear languages that are carried on around us.  For instance, flowers speak to us through color and fragrance.  Dogs use body language and scent, birds sing and squawk etc.

Now I am being urged to teach my hands yet another language – that of sight and my tools are line, color, shape, texture and more.  My hands are fairly adept as their own set of tools to function as part of my physical being.  But it never occurred to me before that I would have to teach them “words”.  I absolutely love the concept and along with Laurel’s other recommendation to “set an intention every single time you set out to paint” –  I now have the extra oomph that I need to express my own vision/version of lyrical abstract-impressionism.

I am very grateful to Laurel Clark for sharing this bit of wisdom with me.  I am equally grateful to all my instructors who are guiding me and fellow artists/students along our creative paths with all their hard-earned knowledge, experience and blessings.  Each one of these hard-working artists is supportive, nurturing and gifted.  It is wonderful to hear them quote their own favorite instructors-mentors and pass on stories and lessons with such generous and gracious hearts.

Please visit the websites of these extraordinary NJ artists and instructors:

Julie Friedman: http://www.juliefriedmanart.com
Leah K. Tomaino: http://www.leahktomaino.com
Dannielle Mick: http://www.danniellemick.com or http://www.lakesideartstudio.com
Laurel Oswald Clark: http://www.laureloswaldclark.artspan.com

and my own art (in a toddler stage as of this writing):  www.andrearosegrillo.com

as the land holds stories unfold in garden voices

ag ~ 2013


2 thoughts on “Teach Your Hands Words

  1. “poet with paint” – I love that phrase… Allowing the hands to speak/express what’s in the Heart. Listening to the language and expressing it. This is so exciting! 🙂 And there is a language of color too! It’s like music, it has its own tone and rhythm – creating a symphony. Your art is certainly very expressive in so many ways! I particularly like “After the Storm” and “Waiting for the Storm.” Laurel’s abstract work resonates with me as well. I can see why you like her as a teacher. Color and movement are something I deeply resonate with. It almost makes me want to get out my paints and canvases again, and give it another go 🙂 But am waiting for the little voice to say – “yes.” 🙂 So much else going on here at the moment that it’s hard hearing the language 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Christine – we are kindred-bogger-artists-spirits! Yes – color is energy, and I’ve been attracted to it from the start (as a youngster). Thanks for all your support. It took me too long to heed that small voice that says yes “just do it”! lol It’s all fun and part of the evolving process, and it’s a blessing to connect with so many who agree. We are one. 🙂

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