“I hear the train a comin…”

I recently bought the Johnny Cash Stamps at the post office – yes I still do post snail mail. Usually I stick (sic) to the sweet stamps – pretty flowers, seasonal greetings, words of wisdom etc.. This time I was attracted to a young Johnny’s visage and attitude aptly styled in black and white. So now every time I reach for his likeness on the stamp – I stomp around and introduce myself:

“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” and no matter what is happening I stop what I’m doin, start singin’ and swingin’ and dancin to:

“I hear the train a comin…
it’s rollin round the bend
and I ain’t seen the sunshine
since I don’t know when…”

(lyrics from Folsom Prison Blues)

The dog starts howlin (in pain I think) and we’re off down the tracks… next up – lyrics from Busted

“My bills are all do
and the babies need shoes
but I’m busted…

Sometimes we change the words (the dog and me) to:

My house needs to be cleaned
and the dog lost her bone
but I’m dusted…

The grass needs a mowin
and I’m prayin for rain
because I’m dusted

Time to go to work
but I keep rockin and rollin
oh yea I’ m dusted


All because I went to mail a letter. And if you can imagine this – I learned from my mom who channels and air-guitars her own inner Elvis: “You ain’t nothin but a hound dog…”

Thanks Johnny – you are one of the greats.


aging into

ag ~ 2013

2 thoughts on ““I hear the train a comin…”

  1. Can’t wait until they issue John Prine stamps! I’ll be singing “BIg ‘ol goofy world…” all over the place.
    Oh. uhm… wait… I guess anyone on a stamp has to be dead.. SORRY JOHN!!

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