All In a Day

Yesterday had it’s clear highs and lows.  It was a beautiful October sky day  – the sun and rich autumn colors warmed the air.  Leaves swirled at my feet while chipmunks scurried about with swollen cheeks.  The dog sunned herself as if she knew colder days were ahead.

Autumn FHThere was a special election held for US Senator in NJ yesterday.  Our elected officials chose an off day in an off month for us to vote.  The senate seat was vacated when our ancient career politician passed on to the great offices somewhere other than here.   Despite the open seat, the election could and should have been held on our usual Tuesday in early November – we were going to the polls anyway to vote for governor.  To add insult to injury, my polling place was changed, and I could not vote. I searched other locations to no avail.  The usual election ballot that circulates by mail prior to the election probably mentioned this change in an offhand manner, however I still maintain that my polling place should remain constant.  I definitely feel that this election date and place was self-serving to the party in office.  It made me so very angry that I vowed to always exercise my right to vote such that  I can vote OUT whoever is in office until the elected officials in our state truly recognize that they work for us and get it right.  Yesterday after work, I quickly showered and scooted off to vote and in my mind – I was waylaid.  I cannot even begin to imagine how so many people in the past were denied outright and tricked into not voting because of their skin color or economic status.  Shame on us as it continues in small yet significant ways.  This haiku was written a couple of years ago and speaks to how we are quietly being led:

three leeks to a bundle

all the small ways

that we are managed


Life as artOn the lighter side, I decided that as long as I was out and not in a such great mood that I would stop procrastinating, bite the bullet and drag myself to the mall.  I might as well make good use of a sour mood and mall shopping fits this bill.  I have had a list of things for quite some time that now needed my attention – like sox for work  (I am a gardener by day).  I went to a large nationally recognized store that had a very large selection of sox.  This is the problem – too many choices for my head.  I had to sort through all the different blends, colors and patterns, styles and prices.  Forty minutes later I made some smart choices – all blue cotton crews which is  really what I wanted in the first place.  Here’s the happy ending – at the checkout counter I was behind two elderly women (elderly is now a dangerously relative term) when the pleasant saleswoman asked them this question “What do you say to scare people on Halloween?” to which they quickly replied “Boo!”  Of course I had no idea what the answer to this short quiz was and why they were being quizzed in the first place.  All I wanted to do was pay for my sox and leave until the saleswoman smiled and said “Yes that’s right – you won a 20% discount” to everyone’s amazed delight.  When it came my turn, I walked to the counter smiled and said “Boo too” and I was awarded a savings of $24.48 for my purchase.  The real gist of the story though is this woman’s wonderful attitude toward her work and customers – “let’s get the most out of what we are doing now while we can.”  She told me that  she would have helped me get the right answer even if it took a dozen more hints and she had to answer for me.  Clearly here was someone who enjoyed herself and  helping even the most challenged shoppers like me.  We laughed and said goodnight.

After that I purchased two pairs of clogs from a walking store and a wooden stool that rocks because one leg is a bit shorter.  I can probably correct that with some gum – better than going back to the mall to try again!


changing leaves

two pairs of clogs

should last my lifetime


ag ~ 2013



2 thoughts on “All In a Day

  1. Frustration to delight – all in a day’s work. I have a wobbly 3 legged milking stool that belonged to my Grandfather. He died when I was a little girl. It delights me with its balanced imbalance.

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