Enough Already!

clocks fall back
the dog and I hungry
at the same old time

I am so over this changing of the clocks as practiced in most of the US. Enough already. It was started for the benefit of farmers who were real people not conglomerates with small families who actually ignored the clock anyway to do what had to be done when it had to be done period.

I even have a rogue electric alarm clock by my bedside that was originally programmed to change on the old-time schedule (sic) of April and October. It must have gotten so flustered that it now changes itself whenever it wants to albeit still twice a year thus causing panic on my part whenever this happens. And despite a lifetime of self-improvement work – we are now co-dependent, because I cannot bring myself to smash this seemingly spontaneous bit of quirkiness in my life… unless we get rid of this useless, anachronistic and silly changing of the clocks.

And more to the point… the dog and I are still hungry at the same old time.

ag ~ 2013

3 thoughts on “Enough Already!

  1. You know that AZ doesn’t change? I live in CO, but my best friend lives in AZ – though we are in the same time zone, I must remember that she’s still on “conventional time” when I call her. Let’s revolt!

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