2014 Mindful Writing Challenge

For the month of January, I am writing one small stone per day. This means paying attention long enough each day to record impressions of a fragment of my life.

Presence. Stillness. Wonder. Tumble, play and roll down river.

I wrote these words on December 31, 2011. It now feels like a couple of lifetimes ago. I do remember enjoying and growing with this process of writing/posting/tweeting a small stone as it was called back then (and still) as a daily practice. Sometimes simple, sometimes new, sometimes borrowed and sometimes very blue.

So once again, I am taking part in this “mindful writing challenge”. Hopefully, I will be able to post without too many errors that are nere impossible to correct on my now ancient iPad that cannot be updated. The real challenge will be twofold: write about some small or large occurrence in a meaningful way and try to post it with as little pain as possible on this original tablet. I kid you not – the typing and proofreading may do me in… may the work begin and the best of the two of us show up here.

One thought on “2014 Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. Reblogged this on Awoodlandrose's Blog and commented:

    Ditto for January 2015 (see original post below). Bear in mind that my first generation iPad is one year older, so while I apologize for rebloggging this post and not writing anew (is this a word?) – anything to help get me by while working on this ancient tablet will be used unashamedly. Without further ado:

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