A New Moon – Mindful Writing #1

All new moons offer the opportunity to imagine and set fresh intentions.  We are gifted each month (and actually every dawn) to make a clean start. The new moon on January 1st 2014 however, somehow feels more significant, because it coincides simultaneously with a new month, the new year, and a-once-in-awhile-isn’t-this-important-moon reading.   Actually, this is noteworthy and relevant due to the Capricorn energy that supports grounding and building our resolutions and intentions.  Simply put, it’s a bit easier with the heavens’ energy to make resolutions and put them into practice at this time of the year.   It’s always up to us to do the rest.

That being said – it has come to my attention twice in the past couple of days that January is also a time to “let go of the past year to make room for all the new.”  January is the last month for The Year of the Snake, and it was also mentioned in an email from a dear friend, who got it from her sister, who got it from someone else, and so on…who wrote that she “got it from a guy in Chinatown” who told her “the more you shed your skin in this end of The Year of the Snake, the more you gallop forward with the Horse.”  The next year in the Chinese cycle is The Year of the Horse.  While we are at it, let’s set our intention and hope that the gallup coming up is more thrilling than jarring.  Amen.

So for all of my fellow Procrastinators – enjoy enjoy enjoy – the slower pace and beauty of January to clean out your literal and metaphorical closets, play catch-up and make ample room for the reviewed and new in yet another revolution of life on earth.

new moon
when did you ever
get old?

ag ~ 2014

Happy always New Year!

2 thoughts on “A New Moon – Mindful Writing #1

  1. Gosh – I love the way your mind works! I hope I remember how to ride – it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a horse – giddy up!

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