Mindful Writing ~ 2014:07

Some of the old masters used brushes with very long handles which forced them to look at their own paintings at a distance while at work. For the rest of us, it is so very important to step away and disengage from our own process in order to see wholly with fresh eyes. Sometimes it also takes another pair of eyes, a mirror-image view or time off to really grasp and appreciate the entire piece.

In my case, it often entails all of the above AND turning the painting upside-down. It’s amazing what pops up, at least for me. Who would have thought?

winter blue sky
I flip my painting
and begin
at the beginning

ag ~ 2014

3 thoughts on “Mindful Writing ~ 2014:07

  1. Very insightful — creation is born from perspective, so to experience your own creations from a different angle can provide a deeper understanding of your self.

    1. Thank-you Lee-Ann. I too struggle sometimes with the question “why do I paint?” Like you, it is a form of self-expression and “because I have to.” I like your new collage work. I collage as well in order to ground myself sometimes and simply work with shapes and color. This is my poetry/musings blog. If interested, please visit my website for my artwork/collage Thanks for your comment!

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