Mindful Writing ~ 2014:10

Just one of those days.

I forgot to take my vitamins.
I slipped on the hidden ice below the infant snowfall.
I took the wrong boot to the shoe repair shop, and now I’m 
   too embarrassed to go back.
Unemployment arbitrarily changed how I receive my benefits.
When I called their given number, I was told that they are too 
    busy now – call back later…  I did and I did and I did and…I …

old soul
I track my uneven gait
through the fresh snow

ag ~ 2014

7 thoughts on “Mindful Writing ~ 2014:10

  1. This is cute 🙂 Maybe it was the solar flare from last night 🙂 I had a day like this too 🙂 And I relate to taking the wrong boot to the repair shop 🙂 I had to return some socks (a Christmas present for my mother) but had the wrong receipt! LOL Hope you didn’t hurt yourself in your fall. And hope you get the unemployment issue straightened out!

  2. Lolololol – as long as we all laugh at these “frustrating” days and acknowledge that we all have them – then it’s never too tough. So grateful for all of your support!

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