Mindful Writing ~ 2014:16

Waxing With The Moon

That moon again –
this month it’s the face 
of the Full Wolf Moon
as we take our place 
in a booth at the local bar.

We are not really there 
to drink or eat as much
as to share and discuss
lifetimes of laughter and fear
just in the past week alone.

Waxing with the moon
all that brings us close
to tears and beyond –
vulnerability to freedom
and the light of the martyr.

Oh, I get it now.
Christ accepted crucifixion
not as woe-is-me-martyr but simply as
the responsibility?

Without remorse or penance
instead to understand honestly
our own footsteps in our own lives
that lead us to and through 
the pathways of all the small guesses.

We two with the spirit of the Jaguar 
will come together the next time 
in a booth at the local bar to revisit
the laughter and fear of arms open wide
and the face of another full moon.

ag ~ 2014

for Vicky

8 thoughts on “Mindful Writing ~ 2014:16

    1. There is a deep bond of friendship here, and we were discussing how too often some people hurt us without intending to, and yet there should be some sensitivity/honesty in being accountable for their actions. And how to address this without rancor, accusations or evening up the score. It’s about illumination and healing, and my friend had the courage to walk into the proverbial lion’s den and state her case, not without fear but with great wisdom as well. One does not get to witness this very often – true guts and grace.

      Glad you like the “new do”! Needed a change and did it on a whim. It’s a standard format. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Christine – I just finished reading your post on your mom’s dementia. My heart aches for you and yet I know that you understand the greater picture. Sending love and cheer!

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