Mindful Writing ~ 2014:17

How Would You Like That?

Maybe it was the way she said it that made us all smile, especially the waitress.  “I’ll have a slightly dirty martini please.”  Maybe it was that her request was unexpected in the typical Irish pub already preparing for the St. Patrick’s Day crowd.  A few patrons sat at the bar while booths were beginning to empty after happy hour.  I think we all found it ‘slightly’ amusing, because it was not the usual full on ‘dirty’ request.  Anyway, I ordered a Manhattan with extra bitters – just to compensate.

full wolf moon
the flourish of ordering
a slightly double entendre

ag ~ 2014


4 thoughts on “Mindful Writing ~ 2014:17

  1. I have a funny story myself about Manhattans (yes plural) – I haven’t had another since my 20’s. I’m afraid I overindulged one time… I’ve never been a Martini gal – but they do sound sophisticated. What the heck is “dirty” anyway? I’ll ask my son.

    1. Barb, I had to look up ‘dirty’ too – has to do with adding some (slightly) olive juice. I cannot drink gin or vodka so martinis are out for me too, but they do look so Bogart and Bacall!

  2. Thanks Grace. It is wonderful to be writing on a daily basis and thus more aware of all the vignettes that make up one day. Glad that you decided to hop back in, and might I remind you – February is NaHaiWriMo? Another opportunity to write a very small poem-stone. I may just continue the prose + haiku which is called haibun next month instead of simply a haiku. Not sure – either way so many writing gifts are birthed just by showing up! Welcome back!

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