Mindful Writing ~ 2014:19

Day-ending gray.
The breeze blows into a headwind 
clearing old celebrations 
out of corners and off porches
as the full moon drifts dayward.

Time for the nitty-gritty
why-did-I-ever-save this
moments and mementos
and head-scratching yawns.

The beginning of the year
feeling is beginning to fade
as the last football games
leftover from last year
end most diet resolutions.

The Chinese New Year 
is on the horizon
and soon all the glitzy cliches
and wisdom of the ancients
are bound and buried together.

Just another gray day sandwiched
between thawing sunshine and head-fog.
Enough of using this closet-cleaning energy
and time for a much needed nosedive
into the pages of someone else’s closet.

ag ~ 2014


3 thoughts on “Mindful Writing ~ 2014:19

  1. I love this line: “Just another gray day sandwiched
    between thawing sunshine and head-fog.” Starting the New Year right, I see, by getting rid of some of the “collectibles.”

  2. A reminder that I need to get busy too. We need some gray or at least semi-gray days out here to drive me indoors long enough to delve into the huge mess at my place.

    This new year sure came fast and “hit the ground running,” so that “beginning of the year feeling” indeed is fading.

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