Mindful Writing ~ 2014:24

I wonder what a slug feels.  I was going to begin this post with “I feel like a slug today,” but thought better of it, because I do not know how a slug really feels, and I believe it disrespectful to malign an already bullied mollusc.  

So I will begin anew.  I am eliminating sugar and its substitutes from the main part of my diet.  This includes “heart-healthy chocolate” after lunch and dinner and honey in my tea.  I know in my bones that this is healthier for me in the long run, and it is indeed helping to moderate many high and low mood swings.  It feels good to actually put into practice what I only half-heartedly tried in the past.  Until today.  I have not yet capitulated to my body’s memory of sweet tea and chocolate, however I miss these small pleasures that became indulgences that became so addictive.  It’s very cold outside and difficult to keep the heat up inside these old walls at a reasonable level therefore making days like today seem like there is more to do than I can keep up with.  And no chocolate or honeyed chamomile to savor.    

Where am I going with this thread?  Well, I cannot say that I feel like a slug even though I do, I cannot sit with a honeyed cup of tea, and I cannot enjoy a piece of incredibly rich dark velvety chocolate in between all the stuff I have to do.  Feeling sorry for myself – you bet but still choosing not to succumb until the bittersweet longing releases its hold on me.  At that point I can and will enjoy a piece of chocolate for simply the incredibly decadent taste of it.

after school
we linger longer on days
the wind whips 
the chocolate factory fumes
in our direction homeward

ag ~ 2014

4 thoughts on “Mindful Writing ~ 2014:24

  1. Please tell me you don’t actually live in a town with a chocolate factory! That’s adding insult to injury. Don’t worry – I’ll have your chocolate tonight – it won’t go to waste. (Good Luck!)

    1. HaHaHaHaHa – thanks Barb for thinking of me and savoring chocolate in my name – love it. Growing up in Newark, there was a chocolate factory and on certain days walking home from school was truly heavenly 😉 I no longer live there, otherwise I could never give it up even for a limited period!

  2. Oh my goodness, just words about chocolate make me salivate for the love of it! I loved this piece and could savor the “honeyed cup of tea and dark velvety chocolate.” Mmm…yum you captured all of my senses.

    1. Thanks Cynthia – it is all about enjoying the sensual, and if I can do it with words or paint as well as calories and instead of habit – that is my aim. I cannot deprive myself of chocolate forever – besides it’s good for your heart once in awhile! That should be another post – all the stuff they say is bad for you is now good for you – hard to keep up 😉

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