Name That Color

She said 

“Choose a color that best describes you.”

“On what day?” I asked.

And then I thought about it:

Most Mondays – “Fuzzy Scruff”
Many Tuesdays – “Deja Blue”
Wednesday’s child – “Worlds Away”
Thursdays maybe – “Zen Pebble”
Fridays always – “Sigh of Relief”
Saturday nights – “Tangerine Silk”
                   ~ and ~
Sundays a favorite – “Fairy Floss”

FULL DISCLOSURE: The color names in quotes are actual paint names copyrighted by Valspar Ace of Ace Hardware Corp.  I love to collect paint chips now that all the paint companies are poetically alluding to a mood that a specific color can evoke.  Color exudes energy.  I love to write random haiku based on these new color chip names, and I call them Color-ku.  Many of these are tagged color-ku and can be found on past blog postings.

One other paint name that I toyed with for a Saturday night:
“Summer Blonde”

I will leave you with an example of a color-ku:

fuzzy scruff
her bedroom slippers
well past her prime

ag ~ 2014

One thought on “Name That Color

  1. body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}Love the idea of paint chip poetry.  It would be great to have a party….From Potato chips to Paint Chips….Or do it during a neighborhood Block Party and call it Chip off the Ol’ Block….Or a cowboy party and call it Chippy I Oh I Ah….Shall I go on???? Thanks for the wonderful idea and for painting my spirit on this Sunny Santa Fe Sunday!Marsie 

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