April Fools Day and Weathered Plank

Morning  begins
a bit of burnished burlap
chill in the air.
Afternoon delight –
a warm orange drizzle
of sun sky
toasts the clouds.
Evening glow –
a toffee crunch
and dreamy sickle moon.

Next day
wave goodbye.
Morning begins
on point of a quill.
Afternoon stretch –
a lion’s slumber
and shy blossoms.
Evening inchworms into
soft sheep wool
and cobblestone cool.

Old bones of weathered plank
tire of pond frost
long for the silk of deja blue
sailing on the bay.
Still life in a vintage frame:
a wild hillside gathered
in a french urn
a night swim in azure jazz
stirred-not-shaken sleepy kisses
and soft ballroom slippers.

ag ~ 2014 ~ inspired by the new paint-chip names.