Life Is About Moments

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Oh to live in a garden

where fancy flowers bloom

and are merry neighbors

with the weeds and wild ones.


Oh what fun

their chatter over and under

the picket fence

that listens in too.


Oh what a joy

to know that all

are welcome to play

and rest easy.


The breeze that bellows

the rain that floods

ivy that itches

and pollen that sneezes.


Nesting birds and those

on summer sabbatical

insects that fly and flutter

crawl and pierce.


Fox and raccoon

snakes and snails

a bear ambling for honey

in the hive that hums.


Walking barefoot

is essential and lying down

to sky-gaze through treetops

is a prayer.


Oh what grace to visit

such a garden

on a lovely Spring morning

or on the windowsill of your heart.



5 thoughts on “Life Is About Moments

  1. How sweet this is… “on the windowsill of your heart” – love the imagery. And love the photos too! You are in full bloom! We are actually about 35 degrees here and it’s SNOWING! A late Spring snow and freeze. So unfortunately it will kill a lot of the new growth that was just getting started… Hopefully they will bounce back. 😦

    1. Thanks Christine. Spring truly is in full bloom and after this winter, everyone is really paying attention and enjoying it. Hope it will resurface by you very very soon!!!

  2. Its more like summer in southern Spain. We hsve moved from very variable weather to hot in the 30s. Hope all the flowers get their chance to pollinate before the dry parched summer! Love your blog and pics and words.

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