Heaven’s Home

ladders to the sky

a blue jay’s piercing cry
the robin’s egg cupping blue
a tipsy moth’s free flight
the morning glory’s climb
out of the dark night

an acorn realizing it’s an oak
puffing sails that lean
into a swelling sea
island bells that chime
on a soft summer breeze

a firefly pulsing star light
stars pulsing fire light
a lovers’ kiss as they meld into one
the last glance of day
towards a blushing sun

ag ~ 2014


a June romance

Lightning bugs are out and about! This is a reblog in honor of the coming solstice and lightning bugs/fireflies that keep the sun’s light pulsing throughout the short but dark nights.

Awoodlandrose's Blog

fireflies gently tilt and float
the night into my bedroom mirror
eddying their sparkling lullaby
a glance of light here and there

such short flights of fancy
and the lush brushing of leaves
together with bullfrogs bellowing
swells our longing onto the breeze

what maestro’s baton so sweetly kindles
June’s symphony of wafting sky light
pulsing rhythms inside and outside
my window this long summer’s night

ag ~ 2012

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June Love


thunder drums
the earth
returns the call
red roses issue
bullfrogs echo
rivers storm
however brief
that passion
eddies back
a plea from
the full strawberry moon
and her wild
goddess energy
pay attention
to these gifts

ag ~ 2014