Under Its Spell

Crossing Another Threshold

Sweetbay Magnolia…
smitten under its spell
I propose marriage

I say Yes!
butterflies in my gut

my smile

I shall wear
a pink cotton dress
and a daisy in my hair

grass and clover
between my toes
an acorn cap ring

my vows are tender
sweet and sincere
a cardinal croons nearby

Dogwood and Redwood
sabor a path
a rabbit scoots ahead

mint and sage
peach and plum
ripen their blessings

sky and clouds
puff and glow
honey to the sun

my blue farmhouse
welcomes and windows
crossing another threshold

I rock in my chair swing
and imagine this
on my wedding day

me marrying me
under its spell…
the magnolia sweetbay.

ag ~ 2014

2 thoughts on “Under Its Spell

  1. “me marrying me”? Interesting. Quite a surprising turn. The piece has a nice rhythm to it.

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