In the Distance

The Scent of Mint

Looking across the green of grass 
with daisies and deer in the distance
the first evening crickets chirp and pulse
the twilight of mid summer.

Despite yesterday’s fullness and flurry
a true celebration of summer art
on paved sidewalks –
it is today’s soft rustle of grasses
her summer skirt in full bloom
that beckons and trills
“can you come out play?”

Poets may chime and rhyme
and write edgy poems
that cherry this breath of space
however, it is simply the scent of mint
waiting for the rain
that delights my nose and heart.

Try as I may to break out
into talk beyond my ken
I am led by the hand 
back into a garden 
by she my barefoot child  
who can still wiggle her toes
into the silent words
of earthworm and stone.

ag ~ 2014

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