Autumn Musings

Amber Dusk: a tanka sequence

in the land
of spirits and goats
amber dusk
and sultry youth… I dance best
to the throb of lapping waves

the sun sets
on day-warm stone steps
and peacocks strut
who’s to know this moment
is for life long

heat rises
scents linger low
night air and the moon
so full – a longing
deep beyond all need

as I age toward crone
the inside-out beauty
of the new moon
seduces the quiet
in my life

autumn nights
guitar chords drift by
and softly suggest
leaving for the womb
a dark moon and the rain

november winds
fade into winter’s 
lush silence…
        moss grows on wood and stone
        I yield to this shorn beauty


First published: Modern English Tanka
Volume 2; Number 1
Autumn 2007

One thought on “Autumn Musings

  1. Such a lovely sequence for fall. They leave me seeing and feeling their golden glow of warmth, gentle quietude, and deep peace of the winding down year.

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