January 22…

Wow, I just looked up the ingredients for a blackberry brandy cocktail and came across a whole list of insane names for mixed drinks filed under this one liquor alone, and I can imagine the rest out there:

F**k Me Running (on a side note – is this possible?); Flaming Bitch, and her partner, Flaming A**hole; G-Spot #2 (makes me wonder about #1); Peckerhead (which has no less than 14 ingredients); Maxi-Pad (so uninviting); Smurf Goo and Poop Deck Cocktail (another turn-off).

Once again to be filed under “Who thinks up this stuff and where do they get the time?” I must admit though to a begrudging admiration for creative monikers.

nor’easter approaching once again sidelined by the sidelines


ag ~ 2015

One thought on “January 22…

  1. G-spot #2 is the only one of those that sounds appealing to me, lol! These aren’t nearly as creative as the paint chip names. Somebody needs to get on that.


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