January 28…

I have to try to remember (in the actual moment) that the more you do – the more opportunity for making mistakes. Today I made soup and had to add store-bought stock when I realized I did not have enough of my own. I was thrilled to be using some that I save for occasions like this that had not run way (key word here) past its expiration date. Of course, I did not read the highlighted notice Easy Open Cap – No Pull Tab before opening. When I twisted off the top, I saw that the seal was broken and immediately deduced that someone was either trying to poison me, or that I already opened it and forgot to refrigerate it. Okay, either way I decided to pour it out and get another one – only thing now was that I did not have another chicken stock and had to use vegetable stock. Once again after twisting off the top – I saw that the seal was broken. This was my AHA! moment – when I realized that the words Easy Open Cap – No Pull Tab was actually related to my process, and that the twist itself broke the seal. Duh and not! Are we (read that AM I?) really supposed to know this stuff when “Package Opening 101” changes every ten minutes, or can I be excused once in a while? I feel bad that I wasted a carton of good stock, but I’m also happy to recognize that “Package Opening for Baby Boomers” will rank up there on the best-selling Dummies book-list  along with “Learn-the-Computer,” “Cell Phone Dos and Don’ts” and “How-To-Work-the-Dashboard-On-Your-New-Car.”

blizzard soup – the misnomer of easy off lost in the pot


ag ~ 2015 



2 thoughts on “January 28…

  1. You are most definitely NOT alone. I did the same thing… twice… before I learned the opening process and unsealing process were now merged. Still feel uneasy about it – How do we know it wasn’t opened already? Kind of defeats the whole purpose, no? IMHO, this new packaging belongs in the “Whose bright idea was this?” category.

    (Be honest, am I having a “You kids get off my lawn!!!” moment here?)

    1. Hahaha – yes Artie, perhaps we may be acting a bit curmudgeonly, however that does not negate the fact that this new package opening does defeat the safety purpose. I hadn’t even thought of that – thanks for bringing it up and adding more fuel to the fire here. It really is disconcerting to see that seal broken, and you’re right “Whose Bright Idea Was This?” can now also be added to the Boomer booklist of “How Not To.” Thanks for the moral support and chiming in – I really thought I was losing it. Glad to know that I am NOT alone! Hope all is well.

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