Eleventh Hour Rescue

Yesterday around dusk, two women bundled against the damp and cold showed up and knocked at my door. It was Super Bowl Sunday, and I wasn’t expecting anyone especially as daylight dwindled. They introduced themselves and explained that they were looking for a very small lost dog missing for eight days. They thought that she might be hiding or hurt on the adjoining nursery property. These two women volunteer for a rescue kennel that is probably only half a mile from here but through dense woodland. I do hear the dogs bark from that distance on quiet summer days. It would not be too unusual for a dog to escape and run in our direction. However in this case, the dog is only fifteen pounds and the snow is still about 12″ high. We also have a nine foot deer fence around the twenty acres of nursery fields and forest. It is highly unlikely but possible that a very small dog could actually burrow under the wire fence through the existing foxholes. My heart went out to these two women who probably had so many other things to do that day but spent the whole time looking for a mongrel that they just brought up from the south to find an adopted home. “Please could I help look for this dog?” But of course, how could I say no? So off we went with flashlights in hand on hard-pack snow with hope in our hearts. They were actually in touch with a psychic who helps locate lost animals. She very accurately described details about the land here without seeing it in-person. This also gave us hope. After about forty-five minutes or so and dark descending – we gave up. There was no sight or sound of the dog. We sadly said goodbye, and I went up into my room to cry. Suffering and/or lost animals breaks my empathetic heart. I wondered why I was called into this search knowing this land and nature here so well and ahead of time that the search under these circumstances would inevitably only lead to deep disappointment and sorrow. Once again, I asked the Universe for some clarity and healing.

I wish I could report a happy ending, and that we all returned home to watch the Super Bowl with peace and popcorn. But it was not to be despite the two women returning with three more people to try once again even more exhaustively in the dark backlit by a cloudy waxing moon on snow. We spent close to another hour attempting to locate this animal. But without any sound coming from the dog, it was impossible. They were all cold and had been searching from the morning. Then I began to understand! The dog was lost and most likely passed through heaven’s gate, but still here were these heroic individuals (angels in human form) who give more than just their time to helping heal animals otherwise abandoned, hurt or neglected. How powerful is their energy and love? It (their love and devotion) asks nothing more in return but grace. Likewise all the people who work for domestic abuse, hospice, recovery etc. What would we do without our everyday heroes who despite working with the consistent pain of loss and abuse stick it out to help others including our four-legged and winged friends.

The Universe answered my questions – the dog brought us all together to share in an act of hope and love. In the end – there is only love.

To all the people who take on life’s hard work – in the words of a beloved friend: I am forever grateful. 


looking for tracks on fresh snow we yield to the waxing moon


ag ~ 2015


6 thoughts on “Eleventh Hour Rescue

  1. What a beautiful, and heart-opening post… Makes me teary too… I love your insight of how it brought you all together to share in the experience of Grace, Hope and Love. Wow… How true that “In the end there is only Love.” Blessings to you!

  2. I was one of the three people who came back the second time. You were so wonderful, taking the time out of your evening to take us around the property to search for Marley. In case you were never notified, Marley was found a few days later, cold, hungry, with a bit of an infection, but miraculously fine, despite a week and a half of bitter cold temps and two snowstorms. She is fine and has been adopted. Thank you again for your compassion and assistance that night!

    1. Thank you Kathy for this follow-up and great work with Eleventh Hour. I was aware of Marley’s story to the happy end after-all, and the great lessons of love, survival and dedication. What a tremendous tribute to all of you and the spirited Marley! My best wishes always. BTW – great work on Facebook and Twitter keeping everyone abreast of all that’s going on with Eleventh Hour.

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