I Goddess

Yesterday was a particularly difficult day for me. I was challenging an inborn set of assumptions around my value as a visual artist. This can be a blessing if used as a creative check-in, or it can lead to debilitating doubt and confusion if allowed to gallop unbridled. The pendulum looked like it was swinging far toward the latter. Through meditation, tears, prayers, incense and outright begging for an answer – I got it today, as I often do, when least expecting it. It came upon a midnight clear SUV license plate stopped in front of me at a red light:


I chuckled and understood that the message for me is to believe beyond belief that I have all I need within my being to change my world from pout to promise, powerless to powerful, judgmental to acceptance. Anything I choose comes with its own divine grace. And delivered with such a lovely sense of humor.


rain in the forecast learning to embrace my vulnerabilities











After the Storm  ~  Andrea Grillo  ~   2012


One thought on “I Goddess

  1. Andrea,That was Robin speaking to you!!! She always speaks to me through liscence plates! Break through for you. I will send you something later that came to me last night in my reflective writing. I am taking the week off to clean out so that the New Year will come with clarity and vision.Love from here.Marsie

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