Resolution vs Practice

It was very chilly this early morning as I walked with the dog long before the sun climbs over tree tops here in my neck of the woods. Winter is showing up. And with it this morning, Sunday stillness. No movement no sound – other than the woods waking up and taking its own patient time stretching to meet the sun, wind and rest of the day. At least that’s what it seems like from my human perspective.

My thoughts today, as I circled a field of plants dormant on the surface yet fully alive underground, is to put aside expectations and meet myself and friends in what is. To release a need to make everything correct in favor of trusting an inner wisdom that is free to respond to what is in front of me.

To be in presence rather than results. This is a resolution practice that I can really work and play with. It sounds serious, but who knows Рit might even be fun.


the dog sniffs a conversation on the land new roots






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