After Midnight But Before Dawn

Once again last night, I had to adjust to my sleep/sleepless pattern, because I cheated and ate a homemade dark chocolate-covered strawberry after 7:00 pm. I allowed myself this single tasty indulgence knowing full well that there was just enough caffein in the cocoa to keep me awake most of the night. Rather than fight it though, I got up, read some, pet the sleeping dog and let myself be distracted by updating the appearance of this blog as well as my visual art website:

I didn’t realize I needed to update until I was finished. The content on both sites is now more reader-friendly on mobile devices and has a more contemporary feel. What’s next? Fixing the printer that just up and divorced itself from wi-fi? Trying to turn the texting feature back on my Mac computer (classic Mercury retrograde glitches)? Whatever happened to warm milk and counting sheep? I actually now count the chores on my to-do list that I can complete after midnight but before dawn.


rewriting my to-do list to include some shut-eye







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