Living In Solution

There are times when our world gets rocked, and I don’t mean in a  passionate or joyful way. At least not on the surface. When this happens we have a few choices – to let the circumstance(s) throw us off our game, sidetrack and/or defeat us or rise up to live in creative solution.  What does this really mean? How do we choose solution vs defeat despite pain and all that goes with it? How did Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr and others do it?

I will be damned if I tell you that I know the answer and am ready to dispense it here like a pharmacist who counts out medication pills. Or that anger and depression don’t overwhelm me when this happens, however I do understand one thing about my process to regain my footing: take a long slow look at the bigger picture and see how the change/disruption really serves. If I’m honest, I can always find the “oh yea” answer to that question. And out of that “oh yea” comes a change in attitude, a turn to plan B, C, D or whatever revised plan of action is created – to meet again in resolution. Even if that plan is to surrender or abort. The only option not open for me though is to give in to self-defeat or self-sabotage. Don’t ignore the pain, but use it as a tool to understand where your needs are not being met. That, drinking lots of water and dark chocolate helps too.

I have an old sailing saying or 10 tacked to my walls and mirror for guidance:

“We cannot change the wind” however we can always adjust our sails”  ~ author unknown

Summer 2011


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