LOVE this. I love profanity when it’s function is  for colorful emotional character and spirit. I don’t use or like profanity when it signals degradation or threats. I grew up with a cast of extended family characters (maternal as well as paternal) who used to cuss liberally and with great glee in front of “the children” exposing us early on to dramatic wordplay in all its iridescent brilliance, while at  same time teaching us that it was not okay to repeat it anywhere else outside of this stage. Much attention was paid to our learning to honor and respect our elders and others, and that irreverent swearing was not acceptable. In other words “do what we say – not what we do.” And we all turned out okay – I would say even better for it as adults. Later on there were times when I became an aunt and role model for the next generation – that I would sneak in a word or two when mothers’ backs were turned and with a wink – share an expletive. We all giggled and understood that it was “our secret.” I think that something is lost today in the rigid socially correct refusal to acknowledge our foibles in a harmless and safe environment. That something may be coming back though in the form of “WTF.”


Uncle Willie’s words splash across the table spilling our soup







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