Forecast: Soup and Chocolate

First snowstorm of the late 2015 – 2016 season for the east coast. Even though they are not calling it a blizzard – it may as well be the storyline. “Snow storms”  now refer to anything over 3” anymore and are named like aquaintances. Yesterday (Tuesday) started a run on shovels, rock-salt, ice-go, bread, milk, chips, cookies and marshmallows even though the snow/precipitation will not fall until Saturday.

It was more than “kind of a chaotic week,” so I too marched myself off to the supermarket and pet food stores. On my list: dog food and treats; chicken and fixings to make soup for my body and emotional well-being; greens for healing body and spirit; salsa for some pizzazz; chocolate for my heart and taste buds and 10 yellow rosebuds for my spirit and sense of whimsy. Out of the entire list if I had to buy just one thing in event of a storm – it would be the rosebuds. So, I guess I’m just as crazy as anyone else shopping ahead for “necessities” in the event of a few flurries or more.


the yellow heart of escarole sweeter in the pot next to roses


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