June and the Strawberry Moon (revisited)

Lightning bugs are out and about! This is a reblog in honor of the ┬ásolstice, full moon and lightning bugs/fireflies that keep the sun’s light pulsing throughout the short but dark nights.



thunder drums
the earth
returns the call
red roses issue
bullfrogs echo
rivers storm
however brief
that passion
eddies back
a plea from
the full strawberry moon
and her wild
goddess energy
pay attention
to these gifts

ag ~ 2014





Sun and Stone

Solstice View

As I watch the sun set
this late day dusk
over my kitchen sink
I am reminded of all the hard labor
that went into the sacred sighting
of poetic stonework
calibrated so exact as to
capture this very same alignment
of sun and earth ether and rock
perfectly punctuated
through my farmhouse window
as my hands wash dirty dishes
I am joyously reminded once again
of all that hands touch
and all that they cannot.