I learned a new word today and even better – I learned how to drum it:

(In music) – one of the basic patterns (rudiments) of drumming, consisting of four even strokes played in the order left-right-left-left or right-left-right-right switch back and repeat.

Sounds simple enough, both to the ear and and intellect, however it’s a right/left brain balance thing that requires intense focus and practice. Quite a challenging practice that tests and strengthens (my) patience and concentration while coordinating right hand/left hand skill sets. All beneficial to opening up creative mastery, musicality and mindfulness.

And to the delight of my inner child – paradiddle is playful, whimsical and frolicky on its own.


oh to scat tittle tattle, fiddlestix and a little wiggle waggle

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Yellow Submarine button

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